About Us

We believe all great things start small. Premier (India) Bearings Limited was no exception. Armed with commitment and zest to the best at what we do, it was 1975 that saw us embark on a journey that has become an increasingly challenging and fruitful one. Premier Group TurnoverToday our group turnover stands at Rs. 2000 million. We target to achieve a group turnover of Rs. 3000 million by year 2015. Currently we command bulk market share for distribution of bearings in India.


In keeping with our ever expanding enterprise, we have moved on from the times when we managed with a solitary office in Calcutta. Today, offices at Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Gurgaon, Raipur, Nashik, Gandhidham, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Kochi, Coimbatore, Hosur and Hospet testify to our status and solidity of purpose and we are recognized as a Pan India Company.

Product Range

Similarly, at the nascent stages of our endeavor, distributorship of bearings formed our core function. Here, other than bearings we have a wholesome array of associated products to offer which include bearing sleeves, bearing housing, mounting and dismounting tools, maintenance products, condition monitoring equipments, Premier Product Rangegrease and oil seals. In short, the quality of products match with the pedigree of the allied services we offer, the later in the able hands of trained personnel. These are supported by state of the art infrastructure, the latest communication facilities and on-line links with principals, enabling us, therefore to provide the finest service on demand and, of course, adhere to the deadlines.

Dedicated Workforce

Trained workforce of 150 people including a team of 15 experienced engineers fully capable of serving you and taking care of your bearing related requirements and offering solutions to help improve your bottom line. Suffice to mention, our perseverance has resulted in more than client satisfaction.


We have been long conferred the honour of being the Maha Dealer and Star Suppliers, and have been awarded the No. I best Distributor prize in India continuously since 1995 till 2011. We have received awards in all categories crucial to our Premier FAG Awardbusiness. Be it at the throbbing hub of commerce of Kuala Lumpur, the industrially galloping German city of Schweinfurt, or the idyllic setting of Gold Coast, Australia, all three geographically diverse settings have witnessed the felicitation of Premier (India) Bearings Limited.


Premier (India) Bearings Limited, though a throbbing -and ever-advancing outfit, is averse to resting on their laurels. For, we believe, every day is a challenge. Every day is about bettering our standards and renewing afresh our pledge to provide our customers the very best.

Therefore, we are relentlessly on the move to explore newer avenues and untested terrain to develop our expertise further, giving our products and our services an added sheen. In light of this attitude, we are working towards opening more branches in the country to be closer contact with our customers, while endeavoring to offer them more and more.

The new era is already on, which will bring forth a fresh batch of discoveries, newer wonders in technology, a greater fillip to standards of life as a whole. Rest assured, Premier (India) Bearings Limited will remain very much a participant to this absorbing, all-engaging process.